• Workshops


    Among the list of workshops that Chris can provide:

    No Regrets Retirement

    A fun and creative approach that addresses everyday life in retirement.  Learn how to replace your work identity, stay socially connected and remain physically and mentally sharp.  Create a Retirement Wellness Plan, build a retirement curious list and change your retirement life forever by answering three revealing questions.  Too many people start their first day of retirement with only a financial plan and nothing else.  Don’t let this happen to you!

    Retirement: It’s Not Just About the Money

    With some planning, retirement can become a time of renewal – a time to purposefully refocus, rebalance and develop a fulfilling lifestyle that may not be possible during one’s full-time career or occupation.  As with any change, contemplating retirement brings up a lot of questions. “Will I have enough money?”, “How will I spend my time?” “What is my legacy?” “How will my family adjust to my retirement?”.  This workshop can help you identify your values, priorities and plans for new and rewarding ways of living your “Next Life Chapter.”

    Positive Psychology: Eight Keys to Happiness

    We have a great deal of influence over how happy we are.  Researchers in the field of Positive Psychology found that about 50% of happiness is genetically determined, but 40% is determined by intentional activities, and 10% of our happiness is determined by life circumstances like our financial status or marital status.  We often think that the events in life, or our status, have the greatest impact on our happiness.  In the past, our beliefs about being happy were: “When I have a new job, start a family, make more money then I’ll…”.  As we began our retirement planning our beliefs became:  “After I retire, I’ll be happy, healthier, rested, the I’ll…”.  And it’s true, these things like our achievements, having money, family and retirement can make us happy.  But you would be surprised to learn they do not make as happy as you would hope, nor guarantee that the happiness will last.  In this workshop you will learn and practice eight strategies developed from the field of Positive Psychology that, with intention and effort, help you cultivate happiness and meaning in our lives.

    Managing Personal and Work Change and Transitions

    An important life skill is managing personal and work-related change.  Knowledge and mastery over the stages of change and transition empower us to be effective in the smallest and greatest life changing events.  One of life’s most important events is retirement.  This workshop will inform you of the change process, offer strategies to cope, strengthen and empower your ability to manage change and transitions now and in the future.

    Stress Management and Building Resiliency to Thrive 

    A critical skill is the ability to manage stress and build resiliency, even in retirement.  While many believe that crossing the threshold into retirement will provide stress relief, the truth is that there are new challenges to retirement including changes in relationships, identity, health challenges, risks of emotional turmoil, etc.  Using stress management and reduction techniques before and during retirement can help improve physical, mental, and emotional effectiveness.

    Work/Life Balance: Balancing a Personal and Professional Life

    There is no such thing as Work/Life Balance. It’s a myth!  Things in our lives change too much from day-to day for our work/life to be in complete balance.  The myth perpetuates unreasonable personal goals and self judgement.  In this interactive workshop we will look beyond the expectations of perfect work/life balance and instead, explore what you are achieving and enjoying in your life across several dimensions including work, social connections, and personal activities, both before and during retirement.