• Testimonials

    Chris helped me begin to think about next steps without making me feel overwhelmed. His patience, thoughtful questions, and warm manner made it easy for me to want to move forward and take on this next phase of my life in a more proactive way. I have found this process very forward thinking and positive. I am excited to continue to work with Chris and know that he has already helped me so much.
    Education - Pre-Retriement
    I enjoyed the support I got in examining the workbook (Chris provided). I will assess, stand back and look at my choices and consult with (a) trusted friend. Chris was very supportive and patient.
    Healthcare - In Retirement
    I derived great benefit from my talks with Chris. I attribute much of that to Chris’s exceptional interpersonal skills in working with me around a difficult topic. The subject is difficult as it evokes so many complicated, diverse, and profound issues that are not easy to conventionalize let alone discuss. Chris’s personable and professional style facilitated that, as well as his ability to organize different areas of discussion. Since talking with Chris, I’ve continued my work in addressing my retirement issues in other forums, increasing the beneficial effects of those earlier discussion. In short Chris was great.
    Healthcare - Pre-retirement
    Chris helped me through my transition into retirement. It was a particularly a difficult time for me since I wasn’t quite ready to retire. His ability to listen without judgement and his patience got me through it. As a result, I created a new daily routine, enjoyed my old hobbies and cultivated new ones. I also found a new way to stay productive, purposeful and meaningful. I still help nurses but in a different way. I will never forget Chris for coming into my life at a crucial time. Thank you!
    Healthcare - In Retirement