• Pre-retirement & Retirement Coaching

    Pre-retirement & Retirement Coaching

    Retirement coaching is a process which aids people to identify and achieve personal retirement goals. As a retirement coach, I help clients work through processes to set and reach their goals through an array of techniques. The process of retirement coaching features:

    • Initial intake and assessment
    • Discovering and identifying important personal, family and career, and retirement goals
    • Designing a plan to achieve those goals
    • Learning retirement skills to reach the goals
    • Minimizing/eliminating obstacles in your path

    Importantly, retirement coaching is not a form of therapy, nor should it be used to replace it. If it appears you would need additional support, I can provide you with options. This can include qualified licensed therapists, financial consultants, attorneys, and others. These resources can be and often are, used in retirement coaching.

    Coaching stems from fields such as positive psychology, motivational interviewing, career counseling, and mentoring, among others. Coaching centers around the idea that you, the client, have the answers to the questions or challenges in your retirement, and empower you to search and find those answers within yourself.

    I can provide one-on-one, couples and family coaching.