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    Next Chapter Notes January 2024

    • Master Persistence and Stick with You Resolutions
    • Get a Post-holiday Financial Rehab Strategy
    • Master Persistence and Stick with You Resolutions
    • Get a Post-holiday Financial Rehab Strategy
    • Could You Benefit from a Stand-up Desk?
    • Would you use a s Self-help Group?
    • Overcoming an Unwanted Habit
    • Would Your Organization Like a Presentation?
    • Conduct a Daily Stress Audit
    • Next Chapter by the Numbers – What’s Important to Retirees

    Next Chapter Notes December 2023

    • Mastering Family Get-Togethers
    • Holiday Foods to Target Alcohol’s Effects
    • Slips and Falls
    • Volunteerism: The Perfect Pick-me-up
    • Adult Child Independence an Failure to Launch
    • Avoid Parental Frustration with HIPAA Laws
    • Could a Sleep Tracker App Help?
    • Next Chapter by the Numbers – Epidemic of Loneliness

    Next Chapter Notes November, 2023

    • Living Well in Anxious Times
    • Make Your Medical Visit More Beneficial
    • Get Help for Complex Grief
    • Fight Stress with Healthier Eating
    • Prepare Now for the Holidays
    • Unplug and Connect with What Matters
    • Flip the Script with Positive Self-Talk
    • Next Chapter by the Numbers – How you spend your days

    Next Chapter Notes August, 2023

    • Should You Get a Sleep Study?
    • Dose of Exercise Fends Off Depression
    • Get It Scheduled to Get It Done
    • Try the Pomodoro Technique
    • Helping other Make a Change
    • How to Get in Touch
    • Stop the Midnight Eating
    • Retirement by the Numbers: Health Impact of Climate Change

    Next Chapter Notes July, 2023

    • A Unique Way to Fund Aging in Place Needs
    • Planning a Staycation in Grand Style
    • Don’t Just “Fix and Forget” Complaints
    • Drowsy Driving Intervention Tips
    • Be Cautious of Artificial Intelligence Health Analysis Tools
    • Use of Non-LSD Hallucinogens Surging Among Young Adults
    • Create a Transition Ritual for Your Stressful Job
    • Retirement by the Numbers: Weaker Ties May Lead to Better Connections and Wellbeing

    Next Chapter Notes June, 2023

    • Overcoming Layoff Fears
    • Danger of Complacency
    • Grow a Powerful Connections List
    • Men’s Health Awareness Month: Stay Proactive with Your Health
    • Work-Life Balance Is Not a Just “Nice to Have”
    • Start Your Day Off Right
    • Moderate Drinking and Risk of Cancer
    • Retirement by the Numbers: Connections and Loneliness
    There no Next Chapter Notes Edition for May 2023

    Next Chapter Notes April 2023

    • Alcohol Awareness Month: Dispel Myths About Addition
    • Posture and Musculoskeletal Disorders
    • Prove your Productivity as a Hybrid Worker
    • Tax Season…Help with Tax Questions
    • Repairing a Relationship
    • Should you Consume Less News?
    • Stress Management Tips for the Field: Mistakes Happen
    • Retirement by the Numbers: Hydration

    Next Chapter Notes March 2023

    • The Power of Consistency
    • Enjoy the Spring Injury-Free
    • Personal Power in Creating a Positive Lifestyle
    • Problem Gambling Awareness Month
    • Taming Anxiety About Technology
    • Can You Identify Burnout?
    • Stress Management, Right Now: Accepting Ups and Downs
    • Retirement by the Numbers: Issues with Long Term Care Insurance

    Next Chapter Notes February 2023

    • Puzzled? What is Retirement Coaching?
    • Achieve Goals with Support
    • Living Better in the “Sandwich Generation”
    • Is a Marital Workshop the Answer?
    • Relationship Challenges in Retirement or Your Next Chapter
    • Focus on Excellence Not Perfection
    • Retirement by the Numbers: Social Isolation and Dementia

    Next Chapter Notes January 2023

    • Did You Have a Panic Attack
    • Poor Sleep and Type 2 Diabetes
    • Seasonal Affective Disorder
    • Enhancing Relationships Don’t “Psychologize” Friends and Co-workers
    • Are You Avoiding Critical Preventive Healthcare?
    • Manage Stress Right Now: Start Sooner, Procrastinate Less
    • New Year’s Resolution Tip: Better Planning
    • Retirement by the Numbers

    Next Chapter Notes December 2022

    • Make Work-Life Balance Second Nature
    • Conquer and Check Implicit Bias
    • Your Bucket Full of Vitamins
    • Digital Timers for Boosting Productivity
    • Bracing Loss During the Holidays
    • Reducing Holiday Financial Stress
    • Focus on the Tension Not Just Stress
    • Retirement by the Numbers – Multi-generational Living

    Next Chapter Notes November 2022

    • Consume News with Awareness
    • Inflation Stopper Apps for Your Phone
    • Prioritize Relationships Above Politics
    • Is there a Teen in Your Life Who Should be Screened for Depression and Anxiety
    • Anticipating the Holidays with a Self-Care Plan
    • Wake Up More Refreshed
    • Are You a Bully But Don’t Know It
    • Retirement by the Numbers

    Next Chapter Notes October 2022

    • Covid-19 Low Testosterone in Men, Higher Risk of Hospitalization
    • Should I Get Help in a Crisis
    • Mixing Alcohol and Medications Are Not Senior Friendly
    • Avoid Relapse of Your Health Condition
    • Building Resiliency by Raising Self-Esteem
    • The Hazard of Using Alcohol to Manage Pain
    • Stop Stress, Right Now: Absorbing Other People’s Stress?
    • Next Chapter by the Books

    Next Chapter Notes September 2022

    • Build Resilience with Awareness
    • More About that Blue Light at Night
    • Spend More Time Thinking
    • Helping Kids Manage Stress
    • Your Role in Improving Home and Workplace Communication
    • Count the Benefits of Exercise
    • Cannabis Oil and CB Oil Are Not the Same
    • Retirement by the Numbers

    Next Chapter Notes August 2022

    • Could Keeping a Happiness Journal Lengthen Your Life
    • Dial 988 for Suicide Prevention
    • What Your Forgot About Dietary Fat
    • Family Goals: Making Good Stuff Happen
    • Chronic Pain and the Family
    • Retirement by the Number
    • Don’t Skip your Health Checkups
    • What Women Should Know About Alcohol

    Next Chapter Notes July 2022

    • Know Your Values and Your Company’s Values
    • Time to Start a Healthy Nutrition Habit
    • Fight Inflation with Frugality
    • Keeping a Psychologically Healthy Workplace
    • Personal Effectiveness: Discover Your Maximum Potential
    • Your Self-Care Checklist
    • Stress Tips from the Field – Managing Stress Before It Starts
    • Retirement by the Number

    Next Chapter Notes June 2022

    • Meal Planning Will Save You Money
    • Match Stress Management Techniques
    • Summer Safety: Prevent Head Injuries
    • Do You Need a Social Media Break?
    • Effective Communication
    • Grow Food for Fun and Savings
    • Growing Older, Facing Death of Friends and Loved Ones
    • Retirement by the Numbers: Having Supportive People

    Next Chapter Notes May 2022

    • Try This: To-Do List Tip
    • Match Your Exercise Program to Health Changes
    • Will Pooling Finances Aid Relationships?
    • Where Fentanyl is Found
    • Learn to De-escalate Conflict in Relationships
    • Is My Family Member Mentally Ill?
    • Retirement by the Numbers (Having a Support Person)
    • Exploring Non-Financial Retirement Coaching

    Next Chapter Notes April 2022

    • New Calorie restriction Diet Rage
    • Stay Focused on your New Path if Downsized or Forced into Retirement
    • Free Cool Apps: OurGroceries.com
    • Cyberbullying in the Workplace
    • Stress Awareness Month…Psychological Effects of War
    • Getting Your Work-Life Grove Back
    • Doing a Great Reset as a Couple as You Enter Retirement
    • Retirement By the Numbers: Retirement Ranked #10 Most Stressful Life Event.

    Next Chapter Notes March 2022

    • What is Coaching for Retirement?
    • Back to Face-to-Face Communication
    • Making Your Clique a Positive Force
    • Stress Management Skill: “Planning”
    • Avoid the Term “High Functioning Depression”
    • Find a Hidden Networking Group to Boost Your Career & Retirement
    • Stopping Rumors
    • Retirement by the Numbers: Alcohol Most Used Drug by Older Adults

    Next Chapter Notes February 2022

    • Keep Teen Dating Safe (for your grandkids)
    • Off-Load Worry
    • You Have a Financial Portfolio, BUT Have You Considered Your Psychological Portfolio?
    • Managing Grief in the Era of COVID-19
    • Learn to Love Exercise
    • Workplace and Retirement Stress Management: Interpersonal Demands
    • Not Ready for Addiction Treatment?
    • Retirement by the Numbers: Number of Retirees Growing

    Next Chapter Notes January 2022

    • Ghosting at Work and At Home (Abandoning Communication)
    • Avoid “Procrastination with Awareness”
    • What Kind of Retirement Coaching?
    • See Support Early in a Crisis
    • Facing the Anniversary of a Traumatic Event
    • Getting Help for Post-holiday Financial Stress
    • How to Get in Touch (for Pre-retirement Coaching)
    • When Worry Wakes You Up