• Media Presentations & Publications

    Media Presentations & Publications

    “Happiness and Wellbeing: Eight Keyes to Happiness”

    Wise and Health Aging – Santa Monica

    October 29, 2022

    On-site Presentation

    Retirement Coaching

    Senior Specialist Group, San Fernando Valley Chapter

    Foundation for Senior Services

    October 27, 2022

    Valley News Group Volume 34, Number 25 September 1, 2022

    “Mixing Alcohol with Medicine is Not Senior-Friendly”

    Tomorrow’s Coaching Corner

    Society for Financial Awareness (SOFA)

    With Jim Chilton and Brent Slinkard

    (Internal SOFA training for coaches)

     August 12, 2022


    “Planning for the Non-Financial Side of Retirement – Retire to Something Not from Something”

     Host: Kristina Hawfield, FranNet with and Page Nicol, FranNet.

     YouTube channel 

    May 18, 2022 

    Podcast with Rennie Gabriel

    “Wealth on Any Income: Episode 58: Successful Retirement: Money and more with Chris Gomberg”
    Episode 58: Successful Retirement: Money and More with Chris Gomberg


    September 27, 2021


    Zoom Presentation
    American Association of Individual Investors-Los Angeles Chapter
    “Pre-retirement/Retirement Coaching: Creating a Great Retirement: More than Money”

    September 11, 2021